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Published On: Sat, Apr 2nd, 2016

Getting Airline Notifications Just Became Easier Than Ever

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Facebook’s Messenger App system is clearly not like any other. Besides acting as a chatting tool, it is able to make phone calls, send pictures, documents, locations, and even make payments. You would think they would have possibly tackled every aspect of the market by now, but that is not the case. Their newest venture just so happens to be Airline Travel. Facebook has partnered with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to allow patrons to receive flight updates through Messenger. If they agree to the service while they book their ticket, KLM will prompt a chat to begin, which will relay their booking information, digital boarding passes, flight status and any changes in schedule. The service will also be available in 13 different languages.

[Image Source: KLM]

At their F8 Conference Last Year, Facebook unveiled the plan to integrate a plethora of third-party services to their messaging interface, but later added that they will be working with KLM as their first airline partner. It certainly looks like Facebook has plans to offer this service to other airlines. A video demonstration can be found below.

They have come a long way since 2011, when they launched the messaging platform as an integrated part of their website and application.. In 2014, it became an app of it’s own, having over 800 million users as of April 2015.

It seems natural that they would begin using the application for customer service purposes due to the amount of users they have. Additionally, KLM CEO Pieter Elbers said that when they began to allow messages to be received on their Facebook page, customer service cases skyrocketed with a 40% increase. Elbers stated  “We believe we should be where our customers are, and therefore Messenger and KLM are a good fit,” and that “Our customers feel comfortable sharing info with us via a more personal platform like Messenger.” Clearly, the app can increase the efficiency in communication between the customers and the company. It takes customer familiarity above and beyond its normal realm. 

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