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Published On: Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

Sing It Till You Learn It…

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♬…On the way to Cape May….♬

I sang that song every Friday when they played it on Oldies 98 as I drove to my airport project in Cape May. It’s a catchy little ditty. Now…”sing it till you learn it!”

Cape Henlopen
Ferry leaving Lewes

This mornings flight to Cape May was going to be the start of a full flying day. After meeting up with friends Dave and Bob, Mary and I were going to fly to Wilmington. Mary didn’t feel well so I made the solo breakfast run across the Delaware Bay.

Cape May Light House

 Winds were favoring runway three-two so off I taxied for my run-up. All checklists complete I launched for New Jersey. A smooth climb out with 08Romeo just galloping along at times wanting to climb at 1,100 fpm. I reined her back in and enjoyed the cruise climb to 5,500 feet. The crossing was smooth and the view spectacular, God I love flying along the beach.

I started to let down for the coast and aligned myself for a straight in runway one. As I dropped below 2,000 somebody put a quarter in the bumpy airplane ride machine. It was a pain bumping along but short lived as I crossed the fence and settled below the tree line.  With some rudder correction I made a nice landing and taxied clear.

 Dave and Bob weren’t to far behind and it’s a good thing, parking was filling up fast. We sat in line for a short time then we were seated inside. The outside tables in the lobby were full of people too. We each had breakfast and enjoyed conversations of flying, work and millennial’s. 

Cape May Ferry Terminal

We finished up and headed back out to the ramp, it was starting to thin out. We each said our goodbyes, I thanked Bob for treating and did a quick walk around 08Romeo.  

I taxied out number two for departure. When it was my turn to shine 08Romeo once again climbed out, enjoying the cool air. I pointed 08Romeo for the Cape May ferry terminal and built up some altitude. I crossed while topping out my climb at six thousand then nosed over and made for the Delaware shore line in Lewes. I headed over to my job site and snapped a few shots to document the work phases the turned 08Romeo for home. 

Lewes Park and Ride
Rehoboth Beach
Indian River Inlet Bridge

Another smooth trip, this time at just 2,500 feet. I had some company flanking each side that showed up on ADS-B, I never saw either aircraft. I made my typical position calls and traded info with a flight of two Blackhawks just departing Ocean City.

Both birds passed left to right across the nose heading north as I continued west to cross for a midfield entry to three-two. I was high on approach but pulled the power and settled in for a decent landing.

I secured 08Romeo and topped off the tanks for the flight to Ocracoke North Carolina tomorrow morning. I am once again feeling proficient at flight, instrument flight is another story.

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