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Published On: Sat, Nov 4th, 2017

More Jersey Time

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Gary’s Flight Journal: More Jersey Time

More Jersey Time

I wanted to get some fly time this weekend so Mary and were going to head out this morning.  I was up early to take care of the zoo while Mary slept in.  I gave some thought to heading north to Williamsport (KIPT) and catching up with Chris (Photographic Logbook) for breakfast then making the quick hop over to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport (KAVP) to take care of some business.  I ended up taking a pass on both and figured I would head to the airport and decide then.

Mary also took a pass, not feeling well again, so she stayed home in bed. I went to the hangar thinking I would find something to do on the plane. The first thing I did was order fuel, taking on fourteen gallons to bring me back to fifty total. Next I thought I would charge the tug since after the new paving and slightly steeper slope to the ramp I needed some help to move the plane inside. So, I plugged in the tug and just gave a quick touch on the forward button to further tuck the tug under the wing. The tug engaged and took off, it did not stop when I released the button, and I didn’t release my grip. I let go as I smashed my shoulder into the leading edge of the wing right on that pointy bone on the top of the shoulder.

The tug continued under the wing and into the wall. There was no damage to the plane, or the wall for that matter, but my shoulder was really smarting. Nothing like a good whack to the acromioclavicular joint (Yep, looked it up).

I traded text messages with Charles from New Garden (N57)and his meeting was pushed to 1pm, he was now a go for breakfast. We tossed out two places and Millville seemed like the midway point for both of us so that was the plan. I taxied out and launched, no vidieo, just some quiet fly time enjoying the view. I crossed the Delaware Bay at five thousand five hundred and let down for Port Norris on the Jersey coast of the bay. Traffic was starting to pick up and I made a nice landing on runway ten. Charles was in shortly after me and we met up on the ramp across from the Flight Line Diner. A very good breakfast and great conversation as always with Charles. We are going to take our brides out to dinner in Annapolis one of these days, it will be fun.

We finished up and headed to our rides. I pulled the nose plugs and kicked out the chocks then climbed aboard 08Romeo. I made a nice climb out for the coast and crossed the Bay at six thousand five hundred.  I made a last call for Millville then switched over to Dover approach.  I was looking south along the beach and saw nothing but a cloud layer. Ocean City was reporting Minimum Visual Flight Rules (MVFR). That’s not to bad but I fully understand how fast it can go to hell in a hand basket along the water. I decided to ask Dover for a pop up clearance into Ocean City.

Dover cleared me to OXB – via Waterloo (ATR) Salisbury (SBY) then direct. Descend and maintain four thousand. I was already direct ATR figuring on the RNAV 14 approach. Dover soon handed me off to Patuxent approach and I checked as soon as I picked up the weather at OXB. I was given three thousand and turned direct Ocean City, sweet, I surely didn’t want to motor towards Salisbury. There were a few call outs for traffic as I entered IMC conditions for just a few minutes. When asked to report the field in sight I said I was in IMC, approach gave me two thousand.  I broke out at 2,800 or there about and had the field. I didn’t cancel right away because I didn’t want to get caught on top if the scud rolled in, BTDT.

Eventually I canceled and made my calls for the field turning final for runway one four and skipping one in with the crosswind. It was a fun flight to and from Millville despite not getting to shoot an approach coming home…maybe next time.

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