Published On: Tue, Jan 30th, 2018

SOLANACEAE TAU-Voices From The Ground Behind-(Self Released-Germany-2002)

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Solanaceae Tau was
founded in the early 80ties and  made a
lot of  releases in the tape industrial and gothic scene in Germany,
Holland, France, Italy, UK and after the departure of their
female vocalist they etablished (after a break) in a  new personal
structure with the same project`s name in 1998. The musical base is
inspirated to the dark wave music from the eighties:psychedelic and EBM 
with some of the neo folk / gothic music of today mixed with collages

The project members
are Jason Fretz (guitar) Nicci Harrington (vocals ) and Axaxaxs (
synkussion, keyboards, tapes ).They compose and produce their music in
their own small
studio with reel tape machines, computers  and virtual and real
instruments.(info taken from Soundclick).

This cd-r is mainly darkwave yet it has his own structure and style.A bit different from the tapes already on this blog yet very good.

Enjoy it.

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1 Encyclopedia Of Grey

2 The Power Of Unnecessary Kings

3 The Bleak Rocks Of Future

4 Monks Of Discordia

5 66°N

6 Legions Of Light

7 Riots Lullaby

8 The Exocit Surrogate

9 Tupilak Nunaat

10 Genua E Morte

11 The Unacceptable Face Of Zionism

12 1871 Overdrive

13 L’Internationale

14 Orphaned Altar Of Utopia


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