Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2018

Photo Shoot

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I was planning on an early flight this morning, maybe even a breakfast run.  Unfortunately, when Mary woke up she had constant pain in her right eye that needed immediate attention. I took a look and didn’t see anything but her eye was getting that bloodshot look and the pain was not letting up.  My bride made a call to the doctors office and we headed over to get her eye checked, we were worried it was a problem with her recent cataract surgery. The office waiting room was full so it took an hour to get in, but, she finally saw the doc who did her surgery. Sure enough, the recent surgery didn’t heal all the way, typically two percent have this issue.  She needed to get back on the eye drops, a steroid, and stay on them for the next three weeks.  The Doc did put a few drops in the eye to knock out the pain and Mary’s stress level seemed to drop.

We headed back to the house so my bride could settle in and relax. I made sure the zoo was ok and that my bride had something to drink. With everything back under control and the pain reduced to a minimum, I headed for the airport.

Cape Henlopen, top center

I ordered fuel and took Zero Eight Romeo up to forty gallons. I did sump out about a teaspoon of water on the right side tank, can’t remember the last time that happened. I tugged the plane out and pulled the covers, she was warm and toasty, ready to work.

The Park and Ride, minus one building

I taxied for runway three-two, completed my run up and launched. I did sync up my phone to the new PMA7000M BT, it worked great.  I completed a call to Mary when I first started up and once in the air I brought up the ‘TuneIn’ radio app to listen to the WIP 94.1 Sports Radio show.  Once the phone was checked out I tried the Garmin 496, the oldies and country hits sounded great. I shot some video but left my audio cable in the baggage compartment so no ATC today just the hum of the Lycoming O-360A4K.

It was a fun quick flight (.9hr) and it got the oil pumping in Zero Eight Romeo. I was happy to get some air time and look forward to catching up with fellow pilot Chet for some approaches maybe Wednesday. 


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